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The Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc. was formed in 1963 to promote the practical application of research information on pasture improvement in tropical and sub-tropical environments. The society had members with many interests in pastures, including primary producers, private companies and government research and extension personnel in Australia and overseas.

Because of declining membership over the past decade, the Society could no longer continue and was wound up at the end of 2010.

Upon the initiative of former TGS members and CIAT (Cali, Colombia), a new bilingual (English and Spanish), open-access online journal Tropical Grasslands - Forrajes Tropicales, was established in 2013.

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Note to journal (library) subscribers.
The journal will not be published after 2010.


Tropical Grasslands Journal 1967-2010

TGS News & Views newsletter

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The "Pasture Picker"

Choosing grasses and legumes
for your soil and grazing environment

TGS Occasional Publications on line ----
The Grasses of Southern Queensland
by J.C. Tothill and J.B. Hacker

Monitoring grazing lands in northern Australia

Edited by John Tothill and Ian Partridge (1998)

Integrated management for sustainable forage-based livestock systems in the tropics
by D. Gramshaw (1995)


by J. Bryan Hacker (1990)


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