The pasture lands of northern Australia

- Their condition, productivity and sustainability

by J.C. Tothill and C. Gillies

Tropical Grassland Society of Australia
Occasional Publication No. 5 (1992)

The pasture lands of northern Australia describes the status of the vegetation and the productivity of the pastoral resources in the tropical and subtropical regions of the continent.

It covers over 150 local pasture units contained in 24 native pasture communities found in Queensland and in the northern regions of the Northern Territory and of Western Australia.

The authors have brought together much of the existing information about the pastoral resources in terms of the pasture types, their condition, livestock production capability, productivity and problems. They define degradation and sustainability, and outline strategies for improving or maintaining the sustainable condition of the resource.


Contents (as smaller separate files)


List of pasture communities and local pasture units (LPU)
See contents for maps of local pasture units

See Appendix 1 for botanical compositions of LPU

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