Tropical Grasslands (1991) Volume 25, 26–31

The residual effect of Stylosanthes fodder banks on maize yield at several locations in Nigeria


Subhumid Zone Programme, ILCA, Kaduna, Nigeria


The response of maize to N on natural pasture (fallow), or following Stylosanthes pastures (fodder banks) was investigated at 4 locations in central Nigeria. Maize planted in the fodder banks outyielded that on the natural fallow at each level of applied N. Without applied N, the average grain yields were 1.7 t/ha in the fodder bank and 0.8 t/ha in the natural pasture areas. In well managed fodder banks, the maximum yield of maize was obtained at 60 kg/ha N in comparison with the recommended rate of 120 kg/ha N for a natural fallow or continuously cultivated soil.
In the first year of cropping 45 kg/ha N had to be applied to maize grown outside the fodder banks to produce the same grain yield as unfertilized maize following a good Stylosanthes pasture. Grain yields of maize were lower in the second year but again, higher yields were obtained from inside than outside the fodder bank areas
The response of maize inside the Stylosanthes pastures was discussed in relation to land history and the way in which the pastures were managed.

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