Tropical Grasslands (1991) Volume 25, 275–280

Effect of age of forage tree legumes at the first cutting on subsequent production


Forage Research Project, Sub-Balai Penelitian Ternak Gowa, South Sulawesi, Indonesia


In a tropical environment with a distinct dry season the tropical tree legumes Calliandra calothyrsus, Sesbania grandiflora, Leucaena leucocephala and Gliricidia sepium were planted widely spaced at varying times to achieve a range of ages (13, 15, 17, 19 and 21 months) at first cutting. Subsequently, trees were harvested at a height of 100 cm every three months and leaf and wood dry weight, and branch number was recorded.
Many of the Sesbania grandiflora trees died before the end of the experiment. In the other species both leaf and wood yields were positively related to age at first cutting. This relationship was stronger for Leucaena leucocephala and Gliricidia sepium than for Calliandra calothyrsus and yield differences persisted over the duration of the experiment.

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