Tropical Grasslands (1991) Volume 25, 313–316

A comparison of Leucaena leucocephala and Leucaena pulverulenta leaf and stem age classes for nutritional value


Center for Semi-Arid Forest Resources, Texas A&I University, Kingsville, Texas, U.S.A.


After 3 months regrowth, Leucaena leucocephala and L. pulverulenta were cut 50 cm above the ground and divided into new leaves, old leaves, 3 branches fractions and 2 stem fractions. L. leucocephala had higher protein concentration, dry matter and organic matter digestibility than L. pulverulenta. L. leucocephala new leaves, old leaves and green stem portions ranged from 14 to 29% crude protein, and from 40 to 61 % digestible organic matter. Similar fractions of L. pulverulenta ranged from 12 to 25% crude protein and from 26% to 36% digestible organic matter. That is, though the protein concentration of L. pulverulenta was only 14% less than that of L. leucocephala, the digestibility was nearly 50% less.

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