Tropical Grasslands (1992) Volume 26, 94–96

Seed production of Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano in the Douglas Daly district, Northern Territory, Australia


Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, Berrimah, N.T., Australia.


Seed production of Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano was monitored in a tropical monsoonal environment in 1989. Yield of seed standing in the crop peaked at 483 kg/ha in early June and remained at this level for such a short time that delaying harvest by one week resulted in a yield reduction of 67%. Correct timing of header harvesting is critical as harvest would have to be undertaken close to the time of attaining maximum yield for the operation to be worthwhile. Maximum fallen seed yield, attained in early July, was 903 kg/ha and remained at a similar level for 3 weeks before declining to 777 kg/ha at the final harvest. Suction harvesting is preferable to direct heading in this environment as it allows access to a greater seed yield and, more importantly, can be undertaken over a much longer time period.

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