Tropical Grasslands (1992) Volume 26, 248–254

Forage productivity of Gliricidia accessions on a tropical alfisol soil in Nigeria


1ILCA, Humid Zone Research Site, Ibadan, Nigeria
2 IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria


The forage production of 28 accessions of Gliricidia sepium was assessed over four seasons: early and late dry season, and early and late rainy season on a tropical alfisol soil at Ibadan in Nigeria. The evaluation was over a period of 24 months after establishment. Five Gliricidia accessions of differing provenance produced the highest biomass. These consistently produced 4–5 t/ha/yr of leaf dry matter over the period of evaluation. During the early dry season, 8 Gliricidia accessions exhibited the greatest leaf growth rate (over 5 kg/ha/d). Three of the Gliricidia accessions have potential for greater forage production in both high and low rainfall environments.

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