Tropical Grasslands (2000) Volume 34, 132–138

Tropical pastures — the future


1 Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Beef Industry Institute, Walkamin Research Station, Walkamin, Queensland, Australia
25 Isobel Street, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia


The issues perceived to be foremost for attention in the present conference discussions are about the welfare of land, landscapes and livestock, and about the socio-political climate that provides the context for them. In detail, they include ley farming systems (particularly the role of legumes); the wisdom of pasture renovation and accompanying nutrient depletion; the importance of diversity; the value of natural rangeland; weeds; tree clearing; mine rehabilitation; coexistence with the environmental movement; the decline of pasture plant introduction; changing attitudes to beef consumption; animal welfare; methane emissions; and the future of rural communities. It is noted that technical and economic issues no longer predominate, tending to be displaced by community ones, and some of the implications of this are raised.

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