Tropical Grasslands (2001) Volume 35, 205–210

Selecting buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) with improved spring yield in subtropical Australia

J.B. HACKER1 and R.B. WAITE1,2

1CSIRO Tropical Agriculture, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia
2Present address: PO Box 24, Samford, Qld 4520, Australia


Spring production in 9 accessions of buffel grass was compared with that in cvv. Biloela, American, Gayndah and Molopo at 4 sites in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales over 2 years. Two accessions had superior spring growth to the control cultivars, one at higher latitudes and one at lower latitudes, leading to their release as cv. Viva and cv. Bella, respectively. Both are intermediate in height between robust cultivars such as Biloela and the low-growing American and Gayndah. Results from 1 trial suggest that Bella might have a capacity for establishing on heavy clay soil.

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