Tropical Grasslands (2003) Volume 37, 187–192

Research note: An observation on yield and nutritive value of Sesbania aculeata and its feeding to Damascus does


Department of Agriculture, Atomic Energy Commission, Damascus, Syria


An observation was made of dry matter production (whole plant) and nutrient composition of Sesbania aculeata 4 months after planting. The material was fed as a supplement to Damascus does for 23 days before mating and then through to kidding.
Nutrient composition of S. aculeata (leaves + twigs + stalks) was: CP 144, CF 341, CL 23, NDF 562, ADF 435 and ADL 72 g/kg DM. IVOMD was 50.7%, and energetic values were: GE 28.27, ME 6.84 and NEL 3.50 MJ/kg DM.
Dry matter and CP yields of S. aculeata hay were 8269 and 1190 kg/ha, respectively; and energy yields were: GE 233 765, ME 56 560 and NEL 28 942 MJ/ha.
Half of the does failed to produce kids. However, the liveweight and duration of pregnancy (148.8 1.5 d) of the remaining does, and birth weight (4.6 1.1 kg) and weaning weight (18.8 5.0 kg) of the kids fell in the normal range.
The progesterone pattern before mating was normal in all does and remained so in does that had fertile matings; however, the pattern was abnormal (acyclic) in those which were mated but failed to conceive.
Further studies are needed to allay concerns that feeding S. aculeata to breeding does may cause problems with fertility.

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