Tropical Grasslands (2007) Volume 41, 164–173

Sown pasture grasses and legumes for marginal cropping lands in southern inland Queensland


Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


A rich suite of pasture legumes and grasses have been released for the Queensland grain belt, particularly from forage evaluation programs carried out during the past 50 years (Gramshaw and Walker 1988; Thus, there is an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the adaptation of those species and adaptation is being extended widely — for example, to farmer groups in ‘LeyGrain’ workshops developed and delivered by the authors, and as written information (e.g. Lloyd et al. 2006; 2007a; 2007b) and on the website However, our knowledge is broad and, as we come to understand natural systems, their limitations and the extent of variation within those systems, it is equally clear that our knowledge of pasture plant adaptation is not as well defined as it needs to be. It is an interesting conflict — the more we understand, the more we begin to realise our lack of understanding. The appropriate species for sowing in different situations are discussed.

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