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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 33 1999

Contributed Articles March 1999 (No. 1)


Harry Stobbs Memorial Lecture, 1998. Rethinking high input systems of livestock production: a case study of nitrogen emissions in Dutch dairy farming — J.B. SCHIERE and H. VAN KEULEN


Levels of seed in faeces of cattle grazing speargrass (Heteropogon contortus) pastures oversown with legumes in southern subcoastal Queensland — R.M. JONES and G.A. BUNCH


Effects of residual dormancy on the germinable soil seed banks of tropical pastures — D.M. ORR


Geographic distribution of Macoptilium species in Argentina — S.M. PEREZ, M.C. CAMARDELLI, F. JUAREZ, A.R. BIANCHI and R. NEUMANN


Agronomic evaluation of 10 cultivated grasses in semi-arid Mozambique — J.P. MUIR and L. ABRAO


Productivity of 12 Stylosanthes in semi-arid Mozambique — J.P. MUIR and L. ABRAO


The effect of maturity on the composition of hay and sliage made from Columbus grass (Sorghum almum) — MUH S. KALLAH, I.R. MUHAMMAD, M. BABA and R. LAWAL


Research Note: Effect of drying methods on the chemical composition of hay made from two desert grasses — P.C. MALI, RAKESH PANCHOLY, BRIJ K. MATHUR and P.C. PANDE


Awards of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc.


Book Review

Forage seed production Volume 1: Temperate species


Farmers' success with tropical grasses: Crop-pasture rotations in mixed farming in East Africa


Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 1999 (No. 2)


Pasture grass and legume evaluation on seasonally waterlogged and seasonally dry soils in north-east Thailand — M.D. HARE, K. THUMMASAENG, W. SURIYAJANTRATONG, K. WONGPICHET, M. SAENGKHAM, P. TATSAPONG, C. KAEWKUNYA and P. BOONCHARERN


Performance of para grass (Brachiaria mutica) and Ubon paspalum (Paspalum atratum) on seasonally wet soils in Thailand — M.D. HARE, P. BOONCHARERN, P. TATSAPONG, K. WONGPICHET, C. KAEWKUNYA and K. THUMMASAENG


Method of seed harvest, closing date and height of closing cut affect seed yield and seed yield components in Paspalum atratum in Thailand — M.D. HARE, K. WONGPICHET, P. TATSAPONG, S. NARKSOMBAT and M. SAENGKHUM


Identifying Chamaecrista rotundifolia accessions and Centrosema species for bridging seasonal feed gaps in smallholder mixed farms in the West African derived savanna — A. LARBI, I.O. ADEKUNLE, A. AWOJIDE and J. AKINLADE


Pasture degradation and restoration by legumes in humid tropical Costa Rica — B.A.M. BOUMAN, A. NIEUWENHUYSE and M. IBRAHIM


Effect of cattle and sheep grazing on the structure of Highland Sourveld swards in South Africa — C.D. MORRIS, J.F. DERRY and M.B. HARDY


Effects of leachates from swards of Bothriochloa pertusa and Urochloa mosambicensis on the growth of four test species, B. pertusa, U. mosambicensis, Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano and S. scabra cv. Seca and an assessment of the endophyte status of the grasses — F.D. HU and R.J. JONES


New Herbage Plant Cultivar

Medicago sativa cv. Hallmark


Contributed Articles September 1999 (No. 3)


Occupational and regional differences in perceived threats and limitations to the future use of sown tropical pasture plants in Australia — C.K. McDONALD and R.J. CLEMENTS


The effect of defoliation interval and height on growth and herbage quality of kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) — W.J. FULKERSON, K. SLACK and E. HAVILAH


Effect of cutting management and nitrogen levels on growth, seed yield attributes and seed production of Setaria sphacelata cv. Nandi — G.K. DWIVEDI, DINESH KUMAR and P.S. TOMER


Morphological and agronomic characterisation of a collection of napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) and P. purpureum × P. glaucum — MARK VAN DE WOUW, JEAN HANSON and SAMUEL LEUTHI


Agronomic effectiveness of unacidulated and partially acidulated Minjingu rock-phosphates on Stylosanthes guianensis — I. HAQUE, N.Z. LUPWAYI and H. SSALI


Research Note: The adaptation and production of some Stylosanthes species in Corrienties, Argentina — E.M. CIOTTI, C.E. TOMEI and M.E. CASTELAN


Tillering in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pature under cattle grazing: results from the first two years — W. PAKIDING and M. HIRATA


Voluntary intake and digestibility of mulberry (Morus alba) diets by growing goats — S.S. OMAR, C.M. SHAYO and P. UDÉN


Optimal stage of maturity for feeding napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) to dairy cows in Kenya — J.M.K. MUIA, S. TAMMINGA, P.N. MBUGUA and J.N. KARIUKI


New Herbage Plant Cultivar

Medicago sativa cv. Sequel HR


Contributed Articles December 1999 (No. 4)


Mineral content and nutritive value of native grasses and the response to added phosphorus in a Pilbara rangeland — MUHAMMAD ISLAM and MARK A. ADAMS


Pyricularia grisea causes blight of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) in Queensland, Australia — ROSS F. PERROTT and SUKUMAR CHAKRABORTY


Effect of nitrogen on production of Paspalum atratum on seasonally wet soils in north-east Thailand — M.D. HARE, W. SURIYAJANTRATONG, P. TATSAPONG, C. KAEWKUNYA, K. WONGPICHET and K. THUMMASAENG


Effect of N rate and time of application on atra paspalum — R.S. KALMBACHER and F.G. MARTIN


Forage legumes for improved fallows in agropastoral systems of subhumid West Africa.

I.Establishment, herbage yield and nutritive value of legumes as dry season forage— L. MUHR, S.A. TARAWALI, M. PETERS and R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT


II.Green manure production and decomposition after incorporation into the soil — L.MUHR, S.A. TARAWALI, M. PETERS and R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT


III.Nutrient import and export by forage legumes and their rotational effects onsubsequent maize — L. MUHR, S.A. TARAWALI, M. PETERS and R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT


Book Review

Population Biology of Grasses


Forage Husbandry


New Herbage Plant Cultivar

Phalaris aquatica cv. Landmaster


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