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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 36 2002

Contributed Articles March 2002 (No. 1)


Selection of pasture species for groundcover suited to shade in mature macadamia orchards in subtropical Australia — D.J. FIRTH, R.M. JONES, L.M. McFADYEN, B.G. COOK and R.D.B. WHALLEY


Herbage availability and utilisation in small-scale patches in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pasture under cattle grazing — M. HIRATA


Dynmaics in tiller weight and its association with herbage mass and tiller density in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pasture under cattle grazing — M. HIRATA and W. PAKIDING


Indices of root and canopy growth of leguminous cover crops in the savanna zone of Nigeria — F.K. SALAKO, G. TIAN and B.T. KANG


Assessment of the condensed tannin concentration in a collection of Leucaena species using 14C-labelled polythylene glycol (PEG 4000) — R.J. JONES and B. PALMER


Pollen fertility and meiotic behaviour in accessions and species of leucaena — TATIANA BOFF and MARIA TERESA SCHIFINO-WITTMANN


Awards of the Tropical Grasslands Society of Australia Inc.


Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 2002 (No. 2)


The response of bellyache bush (Jatropha gossypiifolia) plants cut off at different heights and seasonal times — F.F. BEBAWI and S.D. CAMPBELL


The effect of clearing bushes and shrubs on range condition in Borana, Ethiopia — AYANA ANGASSA


Associative nitrogen fixation and growth of maize in a Brazilian rainforest soil as affected by Azospirillum and organic materials — A.D.S. FREITAS and N.P. STAMFORD


The influence of nitrogen fertilisation and soil pH on the dry matter yield and forage quality of Pennisetum purpureum and P. purpureum × P. glaucum hybrids — P.A. PIETERSE and N.F.G. RETHMAN


The effect of cutting itnerval on the growth of Leucaena leucocephala and three associated grasses in Thailand — S. TUDSRI, Y. ISHII, H. NUMAGUCHI and S. PRASANPANICH


Effect of duration of flooding on germination and emergence of sown Stylosanthes seed — R.J. JONES


Forage from cropping systems as dry season supplements for sheep — J. AKINLADE, J.W. SMITH, A. LARBI, I.O. ARCHIBONG and I.O. ADEKUNLE


Milk production and eating patterns of lactating cows under grazing and indoor feeding conditions in central Thailand — S. PRASANPANICH, P. SUKPITUKSAKUL, S. TUDSRI, C. MIKLED, C.J. THWAITES and C. VAJRABUKKA


Infestation of Sesbania species by root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) and its effects on the soil nematode population in western Tanzania — M. KARACHI


Research Note: Manure production by goats grazing native pasture in Nigeria — C.U. OSUHOR, J.P. ALAWA and G.N. AKPA


Book Review

Forage Production in Drylands of Arid and Semi-arid Regions


Earthworm Management in Tropical Agroecosystems


Contributed Articles September 2002 (No. 3)


Impact of fire on bellyache bush (Jatropha gossypiifolia) plant mortality and seedling recruitment — F.F. BEBAWI and S.D. CAMPBELL


Effects of soil fertility and fertiliser nitrogen rate on seed yield and seed quality of Paspalum atratum in Thailand — C. PHAIKAEW, G. NAKAMANEE, S. INTARIT, S. TUDSRI, Y. ISHII, H. NUMAGUCHI and E. TSUZUKI


Effects of time of final closing cut on seed yield and seed quality of Paspalum atratum in Thailand — C. PHAIKAEW, S. INTARIT, S. TUDSRI, E. TSUZUKI, H. NUMAGUCHI and Y. ISHII


Experiences with Greenleaf desmodium (Desmodium intortum) seed production in Bhutan — W. RODER, S. TSHERING, J. DORJI, C. SAMDUP and P. WANGCHUK


Effect of temperature on seedling growth characteristics of Panicum maximum — S. TUDSRI, H. MATSUOKA and K. KOBASHI


Effects of herbage mass and herbage quality on spatially heterogeneous grazing by cattle in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pasture — S. OGURA, H. HASEGAWA and M. HIRATA


Dynamics in lamina size in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pasture under cattle grazing — M. HIRATA and W. PAKIDING


Contributed Articles December 2002 (No. 4)


International Grasslands Congress Outlook: An historical review and future expectations — L.R. HUMPHREYS


Where to for Tropical Pasture Improvement — Silver Bullet, Weed or … — JOHN CHILDS


Harry Stobbs Memorial Lecture, 2002. Seeing the wood (land) for the trees — An individual perspective of Queensland woodland studies (1965–2005) — W.H. BURROWS


Pasture management in semi-arid tropical woodlands: effects on ground cover levels — JOHN G. McIVOR


Effect of sward attributes on legume selection by oesophageal-fistulated and non-fistulated steers grazing a tropical grass-legume pasture — H.D. HESS, M. KREUZER, J. NÖBERGER, C. WENK and C.E. LASCANO


The effects of level of dietary protein on the milk production and rumen physiology of dairy cows fed a diet based on a tropical grass hay — B.C. GRANZIN and G. McL. DRYDEN


Effect of cutting height and dry season closing date on yield and quality of five napier grass cultivars in Thailand — S. TUDSRI, S.T. JORGENSEN, P. RIDDACH and A. POOKPAKDI


Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc. Office Bearers 1963–2002


Fellows and Pasture Management Award Winners


Book Review

Competition and Succession in Pastures


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