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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 40 2006

Contributed Articles March 2006 (No. 1)


Pasture production, pasture quality and their relationships with steer gains on irrigated, N-fertilised pangola grass at a range of stocking rates in the Ord Valley, Western Australia — R.J. JONES and R.P. LEFEUVRE


Pasture management in semi-arid tropical woodlands: effects on tree regrowth — JOHN G. McIVOR


A survey of the use of lucerne, butterfly pea and lablab in ley pastures in the mixed-farming systems of northern Australia — B.R. CULLEN and J.O. HILL


The effects of physical environment on the condition of rangelands in Borana — AYANA ANGASSA, ADUGNA TOLERA and ATILAW BELAYNEH


Regeneration of Lasiurus sindicus in relation to grazing pressure and root-zone soil moisture in arid rangelands of western Rajasthan (India) — R.S. MERTIA, R. PRASAD, B.K. KANDPAL and PRATAP NARAIN


Morphological and agronomic characterisation of Indigofera species using multivariate analysis — ABUBEKER HASSEN, N.F.G. RETHMAN and Z. APOSTOLIDES


Fellows of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc. 2005


Tropical Grasslands — Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 2006 (No. 2)

Diet selection of steers grazing Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano-grass pastures in north Queensland and its potential infl uence on botanical composition — R.J. JONES and F.D. HU


Animal production potential of some new Leucaena accessions in the Markham Valley, Papua New Guinea — K.K. GALGAL, H.M. SHELTON, B.F. MULLEN and R.C. GUTTERIDGE


Seed in the faeces of ruminant animals grazing native pastures under semi-intensive management in Nigeria — A.O. JOLAOSHO, J.A. OLANITE, O.S. ONIFADE and A.O. OKE


Tiller cohort development and digestibility in Tanzania guinea grass (Panicum maximum cv. Tanzania) under three levels of grazing intensity — P.M. SANTOS, M. CORSI, C.G.S. PEDREIRA and C.G. Lima


Importance of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhiza for growth and phosphorus uptake in tropical forage grasses growing on an acid, infertile soil from the Brazilian savannas — T. KANNO, M. SAITO, Y. ANDO, M.C.M. MACEDO, T. NAKAMURA and C.H.B. MIRANDA


Effects of defoliation frequency on the development and establishment of a vegetatively planted turfgrass Eremochloa ophiuroides (centipede grass) — G.Z. BAO and M. HIRATA


Effect of Lablab purpureus and Vicia atropurpuria as an intercrop, or in a crop rotation, on grain and forage yields of maize in Ethiopia — ABUBEKER HASSEN, LEMMA GIZACHEW and N.F.G. RETHMAN


Presenting summaries of plant density data that are meaningful to your readers — a case for giving the median as well as the mean — C.K. McDONALD and R.M. JONES



Letter to the Editor


Response from Senior Author


Book review

The Ecograze Project: Developing Guidelines to Better Manage Grazing Country


Contributed Articles September 2006 (No. 3)

2004 Farrer Oration — Shaking windows; Rattling walls — R.J. CLEMENTS


Pasture management in semi-arid tropical woodlands: colonisation by introduced pasture species — John G. McIVOR


A review of forage legume research for rangeland improvement in Zimbabwe — C. MAPIYE, J.F. MUPANGWA, P.H. MUGABE, N. CHIKUMBA, X. POSHIWA and R. FOTI


Chemical composition, dry matter production and yield dynamics of tropical grasses mixed with perennial forage legumes — Z. TESSEMA and R.M.T. BAARS


Variation in chromosome number and its relationship with agronomic characteristics in a germplasm collection of Digitaria eriantha sensu lato — M.T. POZZOBON, A. GLATZLE, I.F. CONTERATO, M.T. SCHIFINO-WITTMANN and V.G. SMIDERLE


Herbage production and grazing losses in Panicum maximum cv. Mombaça under four grazing managements — R.A. CARNEVALLI, S.C. DA SILVA, A.A.O. BUENO, M.C. UEBELE, F.O. BUENO, J. HODGSON, G.N. SILVA and J.P.G. MORAIS


Productivity of vetches (Vicia spp.) under alpine grassland conditions in China — Z.B. NAN, A.M. Abd EL-MONEIM, A. LARBI and B. NIE


Research note: Nutritive value of a range of tropical forage legumes — M.J. VALARINI and R.A. POSSENTI


Book reviews

The Biology of Seeds: Recent Research Advances


Minerals in Animal and Human Nutrition. 2nd Edn


Contributed Articles December 2006 (No. 4)

A review of current knowledge of the weedy species Themeda quadrivalvis (grader grass) — ANITA F. KEIR and WAYNE D. VOGLER


Impact of short-term exclosure from grazing on pasture recovery from drought in six Queensland pasture communities — D.M. ORR, M.C. YEE and D.J. MYLES


Shoot and root growth of two tropical grasses, Brachiaria ruziziensis and B. dictyoneura, as infl uenced by aluminium toxicity and phosphorus defi ciency in a sandy loam Oxisol of the eastern plains of Colombia — K. HÄUSSLER, I.M. RAO, R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT and the late H. MARSCHNER


Phosphate rock biofertiliser with Acidithiobacillus and rhizobia improves nodulation and yield of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) in greenhouse and fi eld conditions — N.P. STAMFORD, C.E.R.S. SANTOS and S.H.L. DIAS


Radiation use and stomatal behaviour of three tropical forage legumes — WANG LI, YANG YUNFEI, LIU JINXIANG and MA FANG


Enhancement of ethylene production by dormant seeds of Stylosanthes humilis induced to germinate in closed environments — RAIMUNDO SANTOS BARROS and DIMAS MENDES RIBEIRO


Effects of ingestion by cattle and immersion in hot water and acid on the germinability of rain tree (Albizia saman) seeds — A.O. JOLAOSHO, B.O. ODUGUWA, O. S. ONIFADE and J.O. BABAYEMI


Book review

Pasture Degradation and Recovery in Australia’s Rangelands — Learning from History


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