Tropical Grasslands Volume 2 — 1968

Presidential address:Sources of nitrogen for Queensland pastures—E.F. Henzell
Tropical pastures species reviewA review of research on Leucaena leucocephala—S.G. Gray
The chemical composition of some arid zone pasture species—D.B. Siebert, D.M.R. Newman and D.J. Nelson
The distribution and growth characteristics of the native legume Psoralea eriantha in western Queensland—P.C. Kerridge and P.J. Skerman
Seed production in the forage grasses Pennisetum polystachyon and Andropogon gayanus in the Indian tropics—M.L. Mishra and B.N. Chatterjee
Relative yield of lab-lab and velvet bean—G.J. Murtagh and A.B. Dougherty
The Townsville Lucerne symposium: a review—J.P. Ebersohn
North Coast beef cattle pasture and nutrition symposium, Casino.Beef cattle pasture research on the north coast—D. Brooks, 71–73.Pasture species and beef cattle production on the north coast of N.S.W.—E.M. Hutton, 74–79.Filling pasture gaps—R.L. Colman, 79–83.Plant nutrition research—beef cattle pastures of coastal, northern N.S.W.—E.J. Havilah and P.T. Mears, 84–91.Animal nutrition—D.J. Minson, 92–94.Pasture improvement as an investment—R.C. Duncan, 94–97.
Proceedings:Development and manufacture of fertilizers in Queensland, Field Meeting July 29, 1967Development of the fertilizer industry in Queensland—J.S. Pulsford, Ammonia production in Queensland—H.G. Rodwell, 107–110.
Development of pasture lands in the central brigalow, Field Meeting of the Burnett Section, October 6 &7, 1967Brigalow Research Station and its research programme—R.W. Johnson, 111-114.Brigalow clearing and the control of regrowth—R.W. Johnson, 115–118.Pasture research programme—Brigalow Research Station—J.H. Wildin, 119–121.Cattle husbandry research at the Brigalow Research Station and its application to the feed year—A.J. Boorman, 122.Discussion, 123.Property of Mr. Graham Ewarts, 124.Property of Mr. Cliff Wallace, 126.
Problems of applying new knowledge of pasture production to dairying in South-East Queensland—D.R. Lamond
Bloat in Dolichos lablab—R.I. Hamilton and G. Ruth,
Pasture development for beef and dairy cattle on the South Coast of Queensland, Field Meeting April 19 & 20, 1968An introduction to Gold Coast and Hinterland Agriculture—C.H. Middleton and C.R. Roberts, “Clover Hill”, Mudgeeraba—W.R. Lowing, 145–146.Property development on “Talai”, Mudgeeraba—C.R. Roberts, 147–163.Some assessments in relation to land development–Nerang area—W.F.Y. Mawson, 164–167.Appendix I. Preliminary rainfall analysis–Nerang area—B.J. White, 168–174.Property of Eban Bros., Currumbin Creek—A.K. & E.R. Eban, 175–181.Property development on “Reidvale”, Ingleside—R.G. Gibson, 182
Nitrogen and pastoral production — A symposium held at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia on June 26, 1968Introduction—E.F. Henzell, 189.Legumes and nitrogen for Wide Bay dairying—P.E. Luck, 190.Sources of nitrogen for beef production in the Wallum—T.R. Evans, 192.Crops and grain for livestock feeding in the Brigalow—D.R. Tait, 195.Animal nutrition—D.J. Minson, 197.General discussion, 198.Conclusion—J.S. Pulsford, 208.