Tropical Grasslands Volume 3 — 1969

Presidential address:A reconnaissance collection in four homoclimates for herbage plants with potential in semi-arid north-eastern Australia—J.P. Ebersohn,
Tropical Pasture Species ReviewThe Setaria sphacelata complex– A review—J.B. Hacker and R.J. Jones,
The distribution of black spear grass (Heteropogon contortus) in tropical Queensland —R.F. Isbell,
Responses to phosphorus, copper and potassium on a granite loam of the wet tropical coast of Queensland—J.K. Teitzel,
Establishment and persistence of some legumes and grasses after ash seeding on newly burnt brigalow land—J.E. Coaldrake and M.J. Russel,
Mortality of some tropical grasses and legumes following frosting in the first winter after sowing—R.M. Jones,
Preliminary studies on cutting and storing Nandi setaria hay—V.R. Catchpole,
Proceedings:Breeding, evaluation and management of pasture species. Field Meeting, Samford, October 4, 1968.Breeding improved tropical pasture plants—E.M. Hutton, 76.Breeding Leucaena leucocephala for Queensland—S.G. Gray, 79.Breeding improved setarias—J.B. Hacker, 82.Temperate species evaluation—R. Roe, 83.Legume maintenance in pasture—R.B. Waite, 85.Nitrogen on intensive pastures for beef cattle—P.C. Whiteman, 86.Measuring pasture quality in terms of milk production—R.I. Hamilton, 88.
A survey of Townsville stylo (Townsville lucerne) pastures established in the Northern Territory up to 1969—L.E. Woods,
The nutrition and growth of lucerne on a sedentary black earth overlying a perched water table on the eastern Darling Downs, Queensland—D.L. Lloyd,
Growth of tropical and temperate grasses and legumes under irrigation in south-west Australia—F.J. Roberts and B.A. Carbon,
Preliminary work on pasture species and beef production in Sarawak, Malaysia—J.R. Dunsmore and C.B, Ong,
Evaluation of temperate legumes on a solodic soil and a gilgaied clay soil in the southern Brigalow Region—J.S. Russell,
Death of Siratro due to violet root rot—R.M. Jones, J.L. Alcorn and M.C. Rees,
Viability of Panicum coloratum seed in storage—R. Roe and R.W. Williams,
Proceedings:Pasture improvement on ‘Oakwood’, Upper Kandanga, near Gympie (Qld) Field Meeting March 28, 1969.Introduction and details of operations on ‘Oakwood’— I. Hart, 144.The soils and geology at ‘Oakwood’—C.H. Thompson, 145.Early species testing at ‘Oakwood’—G.W. Kyneur, 148.Productivity of tropical legume–grass pastures at ‘Oakwood’—P. Bewg, 151
Proceedings: The tropical pasture revolution—fact or fiction? Symposium Meeting, Brisbane, June 11, 1969.Review of technical resources available to the farmer and progress in the use of sown pastures—D.I. Sillar, 154.A dairy farmer’s view of pasture improvement—C. Lemen, 157.A beef producer’s attitude to the use of sown pastures—W.J.D. Shaw, 160.Factors influencing the adoption of improved pastures in Queensland—W.O. McCarthy, 162.