Tropical Grassland Volume 4 — 1970

John Griffiths Davies (1904–69)—An epitaph in grass—R. Milton Moore
Pasture development in the sub-tropics with special reference to Taiwan—J. Griffiths Davies
Leaf growth in pasture grasses—J.H. Silsbury
Herbage production from native grasses and sown pastures in south-west Queensland—J.P. Ebersohn
Studies on a spear grass pasture in central coastal Queensland—the effect of fertilizer, stocking rate and oversowing with Stylosanthes humilis on beef production and botanical composition—N.H. Shaw and L. ‘t Mannetje
The place of trees and shrubs as sources of forage in tropical and sub-tropical pastures—S.G. Gray
Evaluating white clover varieties for the Clarence River beef country—A.D. O’Brien
Some influences of straw mulch, nitrogen fertilizer and oat companion crops on establishment of Sabi panic—K.B. Rickert
Pasture development in the spear grass region at Westwood in the Fitzroy Basin—R.L. Hall
Dry matter yields and animal production of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum) on the humid tropical coast of North Queensland—B. Grof and W.A.T. Harding
The effect of nitrogen fertilizer applied in spring and autumn on the production and botanical composition of two sub-tropical grass–legume mixtures—R.J. Jones
Performance of eight tropical legumes and Lucerne and of four tropical grasses on semi-arid Brigalow land in central Queensland—M.J. Russel and J.E. Coaldrake

Presidential address:

The use of improved pastures for a calf enterprise as an adjunct or alternative to dairying or vealer production in the sub-tropics—R.E. Harrison

A review of pasture species in Fiji. I. Grasses—O.T. Roberts
Kikuyu–(Pennisetum clandestinum) as a pasture grass. A review—P.T. Mears
Performance of warm-season perennial grasses for irrigated pastures at Deniliquin, south-eastern Australia—V.R. Squires and L.F. Myers


Pasture improvement in the cool sub-tropics, Warwick area, S .E. Queensland Field Meeting—3–4 October 1969

The Warwick hinterland and border region—S. Walsh,

Pasture research in the granite and traprock areas of south-east Queensland—N.M. Clarkson, 171–173.

Development alternative—N.T. Clark, 174.

Farm visits

“Palmgrove”, Dalveen—P. Bondfield, 180.

“Warahgai”, Karara—W. Raff, 184.

“Risdon”, Warwick—K. Leahy, 186.

An assessment of the effect of feed supplementation and areas under improved pastures and crops on milk production in south-eastern Queensland—B.G. Cook and G.R. Dolby
Economic evaluation of land use alternatives for the southern Wallum region, Queensland—W.O. McCarthy, P.L. Nuthall, C. Higham and D. Ferguson
A review of pasture species in Fiji. II. Legumes—O.T. Roberts
Nodule number, time to nodulation and its effectiveness in eleven accessions of Glycine wightii—A. Diatloff and J.E. Ferguson
Pasture improvement at Na Pheng, central Laos—R. Thomas and L.R. Humphreys
Automatic measurement of grazing time by dairy cows on tropical grass and legume pastures—T.H. Stobbs


C.S.I.R.O. Research at the Narayen Research Station near Mundubbera, Queensland Field Meeting of the Burnett Section–10 February 1970

The Narayen Research Station—D.B. Coates, 253.

Beef production from improved pastures on granite soils at Narayen—L. ‘t Mannetje, 253.

Pasture and crop rotation experiment on Brigalow land—J.E. Coaldrake, J.S. Russel, M.J. Russel and C.A. Smith, 256.

Measures taken to prevent drought losses at the Narayen Research Station—D.B. Coates, 258.


Tropical pastures for beef and milk production in the Woodford–Bellthorpe district, south-east Queensland. Field meeting–June 13, 1970

Introduction to the Woodford–Bellthorpe area—P.E. Luck, 260.

Tropical pastures for beef production on areas not suited for timber—K. Brandon, 262.

Tropical pastures for dairy production—R.A. Chambers, 264.