Tropical Grasslands Volume 9 — 1975

Tropical grassland agriculture and the Green Paper on rural policy in Australia—J.C. Tothill 1–8
A review of carpet grass (Axonopus affinus) in relation to the improvement of carpet grass based pasture—R.J. Martin 9–20
A review of Astrebla (Mitchell grass) pastures in Australia—D.M. Orr 21–36
The effect of lime and Rhizobium strain on the nodulation of Glycine wightii and Macroptilium atropurpureum on acid soils—Helen Philpotts 37–44
The improvement of mission grass (Pennisetum polystachyon) in Fiji by topdressing superphosphate and oversowing a legume (Macroptilium atropurpureum)—I.J. Partridge 45–52
The effect of seed rate and nitrogen fertilizer on the yield of seed and by-product leaf of Whittet kikuyu grass at Grafton, New South Wales—G.P.M. Wilson and C.J. Rumble 53–56
Useful field morphological differences between Stylosanthes humilis H.B.K. (Townsville stylo) and Stylosanthes hamata (Caribbean stylo) cv. Verano—P.G. Harrison and A.C. Archer 59–64
Proceedings:Field meeting at Windera on October 23, 1974—Pastures and rural reconstruction in the Windera area, South Burnett, Windera—geology, land forms and soils—E.C. Gilchrist, 65Windera—past, present and future—E.C. Gilchrist, 66.Windera—rural reconstruction—A.P. Johnston, 68Windera—soil conservation problems—Barry Stone, 70.Windera—the pasture in perspective—N. Delaney, 71,Windera—comparison of four properties—A.P. Johnston, 72. 65-74
Regional pasture development and associated problems. I Northern Western Australia—K. Fitzgerald   77–82
Regional pasture development and associated problems. II Northern Territory—J.D. Sturz, P.G. Harrison and L. Falvey 83–92
Regional pasture development and associated problems. III Queensland—D.G. Cameron 93–100
Regional pasture development and associated problems. IV North-eastern New South Wales—R.L. Colman and P.T. Mears 101–108
Genetic adaptation of grasses and legumes to tropical environments—R.A. Bray 109–116
Stylosanthes—a source of pasture legumes—R.L. Burt and C.P. Miller 117–124
The value of ecological studies in establishment and management of sown tropical pastures—R.L. Humphreys and R.J. Jones 125–132
Evaluation of fertilizer requirements of tropical legume based pastures—C.S. Andrew and R.C. Bruce 133–140
Factors limiting the nutritional value of grazed tropical pastures for beef and milk production—T.H. Stobbs 141–150
The need for alternative techniques of productivity assessment in grazing experiments—G.J. Murtagh 151–158
Integration of native and sown pastures for increased animal production—L. Winks 159–164
Livestock industries of northern Australia: structure and economic characteristics—J.H. Johnston 165–
A review of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum) for the wet tropics of Australia—T.H. McCosker and J.K. Teitzel 177–190
Response by calves grazing kikuyu grass pastures to grain and mineral supplements—A.G. Kaiser 191–198
Estimated profitability of investment in legume pasture development in far north Queensland—I.B. Robinson and N.C. Sing 199–208
Vegetative growth of nineteen tropical and sub-tropical pasture grasses and legumes in relation to temperature— F.C. Sweeney and J.M. Hopkinson 209–218
Nutrient studies on some soils from Eungella and East Funnel Creek, Mackay hinterland, Queensland—P.C. Kerridge and M.L. Everett 219–228.
Control of chickweed (Drymaria cordata) in declining tropical pastures—D. Hawton, T.J. Quinlan and K.A. Shaw 229–234
A lightweight electronic device for measurement of grazing time of cattle—R.J. Jones and L.J. Cowper 235–242
A note on the significance of Eucalyptus populnea for buffel grass production in infertile semi-arid rangelands—E.K. Christie 243–248
Proceedings:Survival with alternative for the beef producer — meeting at Maryborough on April 15, 1975.The national outlook for the Australian beef industry — J. Forbes, Implication of economic pressures on pasture management for beef production — T.R. Evans, 255–257Maintenance fertilizer requirements —R.C. Bruce, 258Soybean, sorghum and millet for the Maryborough area — A.J.P. Williamson, 259.A study of horticultural crops as a supplement to the farm income — A.R. Carr, 260.Economic aspects of alternatives open to beef producers — R.B. Bygott, 263.Problems and new developments in meat processing — meeting at C.S.I.R.O. Meat Research Laboratory, Cannon Hill, Brisbane on July 30, 1975.Bruising in cattle F.D. Shaw, 271.Processing factors affecting meat quality — J.J. Macfarlane, 272.Weight loss — L.S. Herbet, 274.Byproducts — possible new approaches — V.H. Powell, 275.Salmonella — M.G. Smith, 276.Vacuum packaging — B.Y. Johnson, 277.Financial Rural Research, 279. 249-270