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Blue panic
(Panicum antidotale)

  • tall coarse clump grass
  • fairly drought tolerant
  • versatile soil requirements.

Blue panic (sometimes known as giant panic) is a tall, coarse plant with cane-like stems growing to 2.5 metres under good conditions. The leaves are bluish, smooth and rather tough in texture. The plant is very deeply rooted and expands by short, thick rhizomes; the crown is strongly developed with swollen stem bases.

Blue panic is a vigorous summer grower, adapted to the 500-750 mm annual rainfall belt. It is versatile in its soil requirements, growing well on both sandy and black cracking clay soils, and has shown promise in the gidgee scrub areas of Queensland. It can be frosted, but produces shoots quite early in the spring and at times when other plants show moisture stress; it is also resistant to fire and to heavy stocking.

Little seed is available.

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 18 Mar 1998  Revised: 15 January 2003

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