The Book

The information in these pages is available in a 90-page book titled A Guide to Better Pastures for the Tropics and Subtropics, written by Ross Humphreys and Ian Partridge in 1995. It describes the useful characteristics and the drawbacks of many forage species. This book is a valuable and immediate reference resource for the bookshelf of anyone connected with or interested in developing tropical pastures.

Besides the details provided on these Web pages, the book also contains chapters on:

  • the need for sown pastures
  • establishment
  • fertilising
  • management
  • selecting mixtures
  • species for irrigation or high altitude country
  • fodder crops
  • sowing guides as an appendix.

The line drawings in Better Pastures for the Tropics and Subtropics are reproduced from Plant Resources of South-east Asia 4: Forages with the permission of PROSEA.

PROSEA is an international program which collects, evaluates and summarises knowledge on the useful plants of south-east Asia.

This book was written on behalf of Wrightson Seeds and published by:

Continuing Education
C.B. Alexander Agricultural College
Paterson NSW 2421
NSW Agriculture                              Phone 1800 025 520

The book can be purchased from the DPI product catalogue/ Bookshop, from Continuing Education, or from the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia.

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 03 April 1998  Revised: 3 November 2003

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