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Desmodium, Silverleaf
(Desmodium uncinatum)

Desmodium - illustration  
  • similar to greenleaf desmodium
  • more tolerant of acid soils
  • less drought-tolerant
  • less able to withstand poor drainage
  • more susceptible to Amnemus weevil, less to Leptopius.

Desmodium uncinatum (Jacq) DC. - 1 flowering and fruiting branch; 2 flower; 3 fruit.

Silverleaf desmodium has a similar climatic range to that of greenleaf desmodium, but is more suitable for areas susceptible to early frosts because it flowers about a month earlier.

Silverleaf has been especially useful at the wetter end of the Atherton Tableland where soils are more acid and temperatures colder in autumn and winter. Spring growth is enhanced by leaving some plant canopy over winter.

Silverleaf desmodium is distinguished from greenleaf by the presence of a broad, irregular silver band along the mid-rib of the leaf.

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 07 April 1998  Revised:15 January 2003

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