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Dolichos uniflorus
(now Macrotyloma uniflorum)

  • erect annual plant with twining stems.
  • intolerant of waterlogging.
  • stand-over protein supplement, or a fodder crop.
  • selecting for harder seed coat.

Cv. Leichhardt is a twining annual for subtropical and tropical regions receiving more than about 650 mm of rainfall. It is fairly drought-tolerant, and less susceptible to leaf- and pod-eating insects than lablab.

It has been sown mainly in monsoonal areas with a long dry season. It is adapted to a wide range of light or heavy soils with good internal drainage.

It is easily established, and may be drill-sown at 6 kg per ha, or broadcast at 12 kg per ha. Leichhardt climbs up its companion grasses, seeding heavily, when rested over summer.

Leichhardt is palatable at all stages of growth, so it normally spelled during the growing season and used as a dry season protein supplement during the winter. Cattle can spread the seed, and it regenerates naturally on some soils with a friable surface.

Leichhardt was released as a non-shattering variety whose high protein seeds are available to stock in the dry season. It could also find a place as a ley break in cropping systems in the Central Highlands, but this place is now being filled by Milgarra butterfly pea

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 08 April  1998  Revised: 15 January 2003

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