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Jointvetch, villose
(Aeschynomene villosa)

  • vigorous erect perennials
  • for wet soils in coastal tropics or subtropics
  • tolerate low fertility
  • prostrate and persistent under grazing.

The villosa jointvetches grow in similar regions to the American jointvetches, but are perennial. The two released cultivars are Reid and Kretschmer.

The villose jointvetches are spreading, slightly woody perennials for the 1000-2000 mm coastal subtropics, southern tropics and less fertile tropical tablelands. They grow best on sandy loams to light clays.

While erect to 1 m when ungrazed, under grazing they become more prostrate and extremely tolerant of constant heavy grazing. They will continue to set seed under these conditions, although they are more productive when managed.

The villose jointvetches will grow with tussock or creeping grasses, and can be sown with Verano or shrubby stylos in the north, or with Shaw creeping vigna, white clover or Bargoo jointvetch in the south.

Creator: Ian Partridge,
Date created: 14 April 1998  Revised: 15 January 2003

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