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African love grass
(Eragrostis curvula)

  • some unpalatable serious weeds
  • cultivar for erosion control
  • very resistant to drought and frost.

To most graziers, Eragrostis curvula is an unpalatable and serious grass weed, however, the variety Consol is more leafy, is eaten by sheep, and is recommended for erosion control on the lighter soils of north-western, central and south-western New South Wales.

Consol is a warm-season perennial for winter rainfall areas, persisting well through its resistance to drought and frost. It is a densely tufted perennial with narrow leaf blades and purple leaf sheaths occurring on shoots up to 60 cm high.

Creator: Ian Partridge,
Date created: 14 April 1998  Revised: 15 January 2003

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