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(Paspalum plicatulum)

Plicatulum - illustration  
  • tufted perennial grass
  • olerant of poor fertility
  • tolerant of seasonal waterlogging
  • very unpalatable on infertile soils.

Paspalum plicatulum Michaux - 1 habit flowering plant; ligule; 3 inflorescence; 4 two views of a spikelet.

Plicatulum is an erect plant with long broad leaves growing in coastal and subcoastal regions receiving more than 800 mm of rainfall.

It flowers late in the subtropics, giving a long period of vegetative leafy growth. There are three commercial varieties. Rodds Bay and Bryan are easy to establish, vigorous, and early-flowering varieties. Bryan is drought-resistant, and compatable with legumes. Hartley is a later-flowering variety with wide, smoother leaves.

Although tolerant of drought and waterlogged conditions, and compatable with legumes, it has been found to be particularly unpalatable to stock and is rarely planted now.

A relation of plicatulum, Atra paspalum cv. Hi-gain(Paspalum atratum), is a new grass which has application for seasonally waterlogged soils.

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 03 April 1998  Revised:15 January 2003

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