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Queensland bluegrass
(Dichanthium sericium)

  • native grass for dark clay soils
  • very reliable establishment
  • adapted to lower soil nitrogen levels
  • does not stand very heavy grazing.

Queensland bluegrass is a native on the black soil downs of Queensland, but is also found on basalts and in Mitchell grass country.

It is an erect tufted perennial regarded as a valuable grazing species but, being early flowering, tends to become rather stemmy.

Queensland blue grass will survive on lower soil nitrogen than many introduced grasses, and thus persists under nitrogen run-down; however, it declines under very high grazing pressures.

Seed is sometimes harvested and can be used to return run-down cultivation land to permanent pasture. Seedlings establish very reliably, and can be mixed with, for example, purple pigeon grass or Bambatsi as a longer-term component for a pasture.

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 03 April 1998  Revised: 15 January 2003

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