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Serradella, Yellow

(Ornithopus compressus)

  • slender ferny-leafed self-regenerating annual
  • adapted to acid sandy soils of low fertility.
  • grows with winter rainfall
  • complements summer-growing grasses.

Slender serradella is well adapted to infertile sandy soils in areas of cypress pine country in southern Queensland, but responds well to small dressing of superphosphate.

Madeira and Paros have been selected for southern Queensland where they associate well with summer-growing grasses such as Katambora rhodes or Premier digit grass.

Madeira has been the most productive serradella on acid sandy-surfaced soils in southern Queensland, and sets large amounts of seed in segmented pods. Paros is slightly earlier flowering than Madeira, and can tolerate higher levels of aluminium. Its seed is in non-segmented pods, and is very hard with a slow rate of softening.

Madiera and Paros are planted in mixtures with a slender serradella (O. pinnatus) cv. Jebala on sandy soils in hotter, drier areas of southern inland Queensland. Jebala is a late-flowering variety with good tolerance to both dry and wet conditions.

The wider range of cultivars for NSW, including Elgara and Avila, are detailed in Better Pastures in Temperate Climates.

Creator: Ian Partridge
Date created: 07 April 1998  Revised: 15 January 2003

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